Water Calculator

Answer the questions below to find out how much water your household uses each week. Once you calculate your current usage, try changing your answers to see how much water you could save. Watch what happens when you reduce your shower length, replace your lawn with drought-tolerant landscaping, install a newer toilet, or change how you wash dishes.

(Please note that this is a rough estimate that is useful for thinking through your water usage. It should not be used to calculate your water bill.)


How many people are in your household?

Do you wash dishes by hand or in a dishwasher?


Do you use a front-loading washing machine or a top-loading washing machine?

How many loads per week do you run?


What is the total number of baths that people in your household take per week?

Do you have a low-flow shower head or a regular shower head?

Some people in your house may take longer or shorter showers. On average, how many showers of the following lengths do people in your household take each week?

0-5 minutes
5-10 minutes
10-20 minutes
20-30 minutes

Are your toilets from before or after 1993?


Do you have a lawn, drought-tolerant plants, or both?